Mandingo Guadalupe
Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Born in Hungry Hills, St. Croix, V.I., Mandingo is the architecht of the spirit and foundation— that is the sound of the drum, for Radication. Of Puerto Rican roots and culture, he delivers a powerful blend of Latin and Tropical flavors to the Radication sound. Mandingo began to play drums at an early age, and as a teen he played in the Roberto Clemente High School Marching band for a little over two years. His professional music experience includes Barret Brothers Band, Exodus, Safari and Roots Rock Society reggae bands. Mandingo's experience also includes salsa music and song writing. A Chicago Roots icon, Dingo has made feature appearances on network television, most recently, “ER”.

Patrick Joseph Mullin
Bass, Melodica

Sophisticated, seismic grooves vibrating your soul— penetrating every pore of your being to resonate with your own heartbeat— all in one drop! This is the fire in Patrick's mystic technique. This second generation Irishman cut his musical teeth wailing the blues harmonica. He quickly expanded to melodica, guitar and later, bass. HIs professional history includes playing country blues guitar with Honey Boy Edwards, harmonica and guitar with Tony Scarimolo, a folk and bluegrass musician. Patrick's been on the Chicago reggae scene from the start, and was a co-founder of Exodus, Radication and Roots Rock Society bands. A native of Oak Park, IL, Patrick sincerely reveres reggae music and its musicians, and he celebrates his blessings by sharing Jah's love through music.

John Steven Savage
Lead Vocals, Sax, Keys

John is better known as “Savage Mann” because his horn playing and vocals are fiercely intense, yet smooth and eloquent. Savage Mann's musical roots stem from the soulful gospel of Chicago's baptist community and the music of his father, jazz & blues. His acting credits include “Joplain” (theatre) and “Too Late For Me” (a made for TV movie about street gang violence). His professional background includes advertising and public relations. After playing six years with Roots Rock Society, he and many of the other original members chose to go back home to their musical roots— that is Radication. Together, they move the groove forward in life with vibrancy, integrity and a whole lot of fun!
Herman Rivera
Lead Guitar, Vocals

Somewhere along the cross-roads, about midway between the genius of Hendrix, the magic of Santana and the wry wisdom of Clapton, you'll find Herman holding court. His Puerto Rican heritage and his deep grounding in the classics propels the Radication sound with a force of urgency while maintaining a sense of discipline and ease. Herman's musical roots includes Yorumba, a latin jazz and salsa band, as well as Strawberry Wine, playing a fusion of rock and R&B with a latin flair. His skillful licks move and inspire you while lifting you high to carry you along on a fantastic music journey. A spirited and skilled musician, Herman is also a writer and composer. The newest member of Radication, Herman gives a seasoned and flavorful edge to its sound.

Gilberto “Shango” Rios
Keyboard, Percussion, Vocals

Mellow keys and restless drums. Each note that he plays and sings is resonant with wisdom, compassion and culture. This is the presence of the prophet Shango. His Africa-Hispanic roots add hot spice and sweetness to the Radication sound. Born in Hungry Hills, St. Croix, Virgin Islands, Shango's musical background includes playing percussion with Caribbean Super Star Steel Band, Exodus and Radication. He played keys and percussion for Safari and Roots Rock Society. A talented and powerful writer, Shango's words and music contribute to the conscious foundation that is Radication. He demonstrates his commitment to love and truth both onstage, and off. He is a driving force in delivering RadicationŐs unique, mature, rootsical vibration.

Joseph James Turner
Lead & Background Vocals

The essence of soul. That is Joe Turner. His experienced, distinctive vocals tie Radication back to its R&B roots. A seasoned veteran, with experience ranging from shared billing with Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, The Temptations and The Jackson 5, to receiving dramatic recognition for his theatrical portrayal of Oedipus Rex— Joe Turner is the consummate performer. A draftsman by trade, Joe's been in love with music for as long as he can remember. He grew up with his ear glued to the radio, and in his youth, founded his own musical group, Platinum. From the 'old skool', Joe's soulful lyrical stylings bring to Radication a sound that both takes you back, yet leads you forward all the while.

Daniel Hernandez
Vocals, Percussion

As founder of the Livity Nyahbinghi Choir, Daniel has been playing and studying Nyahbinghi drumming for the past seven years. He joined Radication in 2001, where he plays rhythm guitar and sings lead and background vocals. He also plays funde, percussion, and bass in a pinch. Daniel has performed with various roots reggae bands, including Roots Rock Society, Gypsi Fari, Roots Vibration and Nazarene Vibration. Brother Hernandez has been in the U.S. for 12 years— a native son of Panama, Central America. Daniel found upon arrival in the U.S. that the Rastafarian communities that existed were in need of leaders and teachers of the faith. In order to fulfill this role, Ras Daniel has commited and applies himself to spreading the good message of Rastafari to all Jah people.