Josh Walsman
Guitar, Flute, Vocals

Josh was just 8 years old when he was enchanted by James Galway’s virtuoso flute performance of Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons at the Mostly Mozart Festival (aired on PBS—where else?). Or at least that’s the only reason he can cite when he tries to explain his choice of flute above all others when it was time to pick an instrument for 6th grade band. It felt right from the first time he picked it up and he’s played for over 25 years.

He studied classical flute at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music with Pam Watson until the age of 18. Josh picked up his mom’s guitar and taught himself to play out of her Peter Paul and Mary, CSN&Y and Hoyt Axton song books during high school. He spent his college years learning to write music and improvise with the really accomplished musicians he’s fortunate to call friends. Prior to Roots 101 he’s played electric and acoustic guitars in a rock band—Buli Zaja, flute in a latin jazz ensemble—Orquesta Son, and a little of both in a jam-oriented world-beat group—The Yellowwood Beets.